Recapture your smile and confidence

Rediscover talking freely with comfort, and enjoying your favourite foods again!

Recapture your smile and confidence

How we can help…

Calling all Practitioners

Our protocol has been developed to overcome the challenges often faced by Dental Practitioners working with Implants alone.

Training Workshops

These courses are specifically tailored for experienced dentists, implantologists, oral surgeons and maxilla facial surgeons.

Looking for a new smile?

Henri has installed the CF@O in plates in hundreds of patients. View our gallery of some challenging undertaken by Henri Diederich.

CF&O offers all the advantages of Implants

The Cortically Fixed at Once (CF@O) protocol has been developed over a number of years by Henri Diederich M.DM.

  • Recapture your smile and your confidence.
  • Talk freely and comfortably in the way that you used to.
  • Rediscover your favourite foods as chewing improves.
  • Significantly shorter healing periods. Typically just weeks.
  • Effective solution for patients with weak or no bone.
  • CF@O can potentially overcome challenges where other solutions are ineffective or may fail.
  • Great for patients that want to avoid bone grafting or sinus lift.

Practitioners. Offer patients a new set of fixed teeth in 10 days!

Strong effective anchorage in atrophied and bone free environments.