Case Report by Jimoh Olubanwo Agbaje

1Department of Imaging and Pathology, Catholic University Leuven, Belgium 2St. John’s Hospital, Belgium 3Dental Clinic Henri Diederich, Luxembourg, UK


Dentist and patient have limited treatment options for management of extremely atrophic jaws. The Cortically Fixed at Once implant system was developed to meet challenges in patients with severely resorbed jaw bones. The CF@O protocol requires no bone graft, no sinus lift or nerve displacements. The CF@O implant system consists of several types of components specifically developed for different locations in the jaw. These components are Pterygoid implants, compressive implants and hybrid plates. The Pterygoid implants and the Hybrid plates are developed to be placed in the posterior zones of the maxilla. The compressive implants with specific macro- and micro-threads are used in the cortical and spongy bone, mostly in the frontal bone of the upper and lower jaw. The presented case reports describe the steps followed for the functional restoration.

Use of Cortically Fixed Implants (Click to read full report)