Why Cortically Fixed?

The Cortically Fixed Academy was launched to provide Dr Henri Diederich a platform to share his extensive knowledge and experience of working in both the Pterygoid region and Cortical bone. The Cortical Fixed at Once (CF@O) and the Pterygoid implant protocol has been developed over a number of years by Dr Henri Diederich with leading specialist engineers to overcome the challenges often faced by Dental Practitioners working with Implants alone.

The effectiveness of Implants is reliant upon good anchorage to the Jaw bone, this can often be a challenge where the bone is weak or has deteriorated. The CF@O protocol sought to find a solution to improve the anchorage of fixed teeth without the need for bone grafting and sinus lifting, both these methods are highly invasive and are not without long healing periods.


CF@O offers all the advantages of Implants:

  • Recapture your smile and your confidence
  • Talk freely and comfortably in the way that you used to
  • Rediscover your favourite foods as chewing improves


Additional benefits of CF@O:

  • Significantly shorter healing periods (Weeks)
  • Effective solution for patients with weak or no bone where dental implants may not be suitable.
  • CF@O hybrid plate can potentially overcome challenges where other dental implants solutions are ineffective or may fail
  • Great alternative for patients that want to avoid bone grafting or sinus lift