Pterygoid Implant training online

Pterygoid Implant Training by Dr Henri Diederich

**Online Course**

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Whom should do this course?
Implant Practitioners seeking to advance their skills in minimal invasive treatment in the atrophied maxilla, full arch | half arch, no sinus lift, no bone graft. Master the Ptyerygoid implantology with Dr Diederich and it will transform your implant practice. 

Course Details

Section 1: Anatomy (Reading and Illustrations) (76 Slides)

  1. Pterygomaxillary Anatomy
  2. Maxillary Tuberosity
  3. Pterygoid Process
  4. The Pyramidal Process
  5. Sectional Anatomy

Section 2: Placement of the Pterygoid Implant (Reading and Illustrations)

  1. Placement Overview
  2. Insertion and Angulation
  3. Implant Insertion Tools
  4. Insertion and Final Position
  5. Transfers and Caps

Section 3: Patient Cases (X-Rays and Pictures) (150+ slides)

  1. Patient X-Rays and Pictures
  2. Additional Patient Prosthetics

Section 4: Practical Placement of the Pterygoid Implant (Videos)

  1. Practical Placement Introduction
  2. Position of Patient
  3. Skull View of the Pterygoid Region
  4. Position of the Implant
  5. 3D Model
  6. Insertion Technique
  7. Impression Technique
  8. Healing Caps
  9. Prosthesis

 Section 5: Live Surgery with Dr Diederich (Videos)

  1. Incision for Pterygoid Implant
  2. Pterygoid surface preparation
  3. Pterygoid pilot drill
  4. Pterygoid Implant placement
  5. Minimal invasive implant surface preparation
  6. Minimal invasive implant pilot drill
  7. Minimal invasive implant placement
  8. Pterygoid surface preparation for impression
  9. Pterygoid pain relief top-up
  10. Pterygoid transfer placement (TOML)
  11. Minimal invasive Implant transfer placement (TOE)
  12. Pterygoid open tray preparation and try-in
  13. Pterygoid open tray Impression
  14. Pterygoid transfer removal
  15. Pterygoid healing cap placement
  16. Sutures placement

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** Online Course **

Pterygoid Implant Training by DR Henri Diederich


Access available for 6 Months to ensure you complete the training.

Training Price:  £997.00
(Includes Application Fee of £100.00)

Booking process:
1. Pay application booking fee of £100.00 online by Credit Card (refundable if application rejected)
2. Pay Course fee balance by bank transfer in GBP / EUR / USD (bank details will be sent on application)
3. Upon receipt of funds, course access will be granted

Pterygoid Training

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