Why train with Cortically Fixed @ Once?

Our lead trainer and International speaker Henri Diederich M.DM and his colleagues have been successfully been installing the german engineered patented CF@O plate in hundred of patients for the last 8 years. Cortically Fixed has partnered with Henri Diederich to share his years of experience and knowledge to widen the treatment of patients across the Globe.

3 Day Licensed Cortically Fixed @ Once Practitioner Workshop

The course on Henri Diederich´s Surgical Protocol consists of:

Theoretical Background

  • Anatomy of the regions involved
  • The Pterygoid Region
  • The totally atrophied maxilla & the Kennedy classes I,II, & IV
  • The totally atrophied mandible & the Kennedy classes I,II,& IV

Surgical Principles of the Protocol and Hands-on Practice

  • The radiological Investigations and Guided Surgery
  • The implants involved in the Protocol
  • Chosing the right implants for each specific case
  • The Surgical Protocol
  • The management of complications
  • Prosthodontics

Hands-on Practice

Each participant is invited to bring a stereolithographic model of an edentulous patient.

The following will be provided to each participant on the day:

  • One-piece Compressive Implants
  • Two-Piece Compressive Implants
  • Pterygoid implants
  • Hybrid plates
  • Each participant will receive an atrophied maxilla and mandible

Participants will get plenty of opportunity to get hands on experience and guidance in a dental laboratory to work with the Hybrid plates. Henri Diederich will be available throughout the course to answer any questions participants may wish to address.



London Workshop

Date:  May 2019 (To be confirmed)

Discounted Price: 6,500.00 GBP

Book before 31st December 2018


Luxembourg Workshop

Date:  6th to 8th December 2018

Discounted Price: 6,500.00 EUR

Book before 15th November 2018 

Evening Introduction to CF@O Hybrid Plate

October 2018

This 2 hour evening event will provide Practitioners further insight into the applications of the CF@O Hybrid plate and the opportunity to ask Henri Diederich M.DM questions.

The evening event will cover the following:

  • Basic theory of the Pterygoid regions
  • Application of the Hybrid plate
  • Specific applications of the Hybrid plate
  • Benefits of the Hybrid Plate to patients

6 Month Mentorship with Henri Diederich MDM

This programme is designed for Participants whom are seeking to learn from the Master Henri Diederich MDM whom has dedicated over a decade to developing the CF@O Hybrid Plate.

The Mentorship includes the following:

  • 3 Day course Licensed Cortically Fixed @ Once Practitioner Workshop
  • Shadowing Henri Diederich for a ½ day in his surgery in Luxembourg
  • A total of 4Hours SKYPE call time ( 4 x 1hr / 8x30mins / combination )