Rehabilitation of Atrophic Maxilla

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Rehabilitation of Atrophic Maxilla using Pterygoid Implant 

by Dr Henri Diederich  (44 Pages)

Whom should read this? Any Practitioner interested to improve their knowledge and understanding of the Pterygoid region. The document brings greater understanding off the Pterygoid region, we would recommend the online Pterygoid Training Course if you are seeking to work on patients. 

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  1. Background of Pterygoid region
  2. Bone Anatomy
  3. Pterygoid Process
  4. The Pyramidal Process
  5. Vessels
  6. Surgical Technique
  7. Example of treated cases

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** Online Booklet **

Rehabilitation of Atrophic Maxilla using Pterygoid Implant

by DR Henri Diederich

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