Mentorship with Dr Henri Diederich

hom should do this course?

6 Month Mentorship with Dr Henri Diederich

This programme is designed for Participants whom are seeking to learn from the Master Dr Henri Diederich whom has dedicated over 20+ years to minimally invasive implantology. Dr Diederich has spent more than a decade to developing the Cortically Fixed at Once Hybrid Plate (CF@O).

Dr Diederich will personally guide you to develop your technical skill to expand the clinical options available to you when working with a variety of patients, to assess each case to appreciate the concepts "patient selection - case selection".

The hands-on experience in a clinical environment that goes beyond theoretical learning allowing you to hone your skills and build confidence in implant placement.

Learn the art of patient care, mastering a customer centric approach, ensuring that you not only master the protocols but also deliver a positive and comfortable patient experience.

The Mentorship includes the following:

  • Online Pterygoid Implant Training to develop your knowledge and skills on working in the Pterygoid region
  • 1 Day 'live' Pterygoid Implant Personal Training with Dr Diederich in his personal private surgery in Luxembourg.
  • 3 Day Licensed Cortically Fixed @ Once Practitioner Workshop
  • Shadowing Henri Diederich for a 1 day in his surgery in Luxembourg
  • A total of 6 Hours SKYPE call time ( 8 x 1hr / 12 x 30mins / combination )

(Delegate will need to arrange their own accomodation and travel to Luxembourg as requested for surgical training days)

    If you have difficulties booking the course online, please email us at

    On completion of your training you will receive a certification with your name as shown below



    with DR Henri Diederich

    Date:  As agreed with Dr Diederich

    Training Price:  £23,500.00

    Location:  Luxembourg


    Application: To apply a deposit of £500 will be required and a copy of your CV detailing your experience to date.  

    Live training will take place in Luxembourg  surgery.  Travel cost and arrangements to be made by yourself