Instruction for use 

System of Dental Plates CF@O, Cortically Fixed at Once


The Dental Plate Implant is intended for  the surgical placement in the mouth to support bridges or overdentures in  the edentulous or partially edentulous patient for the rehabilitation of the atrophic jaw in order to restore the chewing function.

The Dental Plate is a single-component implant and is made from Unalloyed Commercially Pure (CP) Titanium. HA/TCP is used as a sandblasting media with later etching for surface cleaning and reaching the surface microtopography on the side of the implant which is intended to be connected with the bone.

The abutment is designed for a screw retained type of fixation.

The Dental Plate is delivered in a sterile package with a multifunctional carrier. Secondary box has peel-off stickers for the clinical documentation and the implant passport.