BTB Remote Anchorage in Atrophied Maxilla training – 10th / 11th May 2024

Remote Anchorage in Atrophied Maxilla training workshop (BTB) with Dr Henri Diederich

(Luxembourg City)

Whom should do this course?

Practitioners seeking remote anchorage solutions in the atrophied maxilla using one piece tissue level implants and early loading.

The Bone Truss Bridge (BTB) approach is to avoid sinus lift, avoid bone graft and avoid zygomatic implants,  apply minimal invasive protocols including pterygoid implants and transnasal implants. The BTB protocol can be applied to full arch | half arch or surgical treatments where there is limited bone.

Train with Dr Diederich,it will transform your implant practice. 

The training is offered in 2 parts, firstly you will receive online access to Pterygoid online to develop your knowledge. Then arrange we will arrange a date at Dr Henri Diederich surgery in Luxembourg for a personal training guiding you through the surgical steps.


Part 1 - Online access to Pterygoid Training with Dr Diederich

Part 2 - Workshop training with Dr Henri Diederich at the surgery

Part 1 - Online Pterygoid Training Summary

Location: Online

Section 1: Anatomy (Reading and Illustrations) (76 Slides)

Section 2: Placement of the Pterygoid Implant (Reading and Illustrations)

Section 3: Patient Cases (X-Rays and Pictures) (150+ slides)

Section 4: Practical Placement of the Pterygoid Implant (Videos)

Section 5: 'Live' Surgery with Dr Diederich (Videos)

Part 2 - Surgical Training with Dr Diederich

Location: Luxembourg  (Dr Diederich clinic)

Duration: 1.5 days

Day 1 (08:30am to 5pm)

Day 2 (10:30am to 4pm)

(Delegate must arrange a min 2 nights stay in Luxembourg)

    If you have difficulties booking the course online, please email us at

    On completion of your training you will receive a certification with your name as shown below


    BTB - Remote Anchorage in Atrophied Maxilla

    with DR Henri Diederich

    Date:  10th / 11th May 2024

    Training Price:  £3497.00

    Book by  10 / 02 / 2024 = 15% discount

    Book by  10 / 04 / 2024 = 10% discount

    Last booking date extended: 20 / 04 / 2024


    Upon booking we will send you an invoice for payment by bank transfer (Credit cards accepted at additional cost)

    Live training will take place in Luxembourg  surgery.  Travel oost and arrangements to be made by yourself

    PART 1 - Online Training (prior to workshop)